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Preferred Product Program

Preferred Product Program

Standard Formulary

The Preferred Product Program allows Funds’ beneficiaries to obtain “preferred” medication products from select classes for the usual co-payment.  “Non-preferred” products may be obtained by receiving a medical necessity “prior authorization”.

If you are told by the pharmacy that your medication is “non-preferred” and requires prior authorization, you may ask your doctor to change to a preferred medication or request a prior authorization review.

If your doctor decides that you cannot take a preferred drug due to a specific medical reason and they can request prior authorization by calling CVS Caremark at 1-800-294-5979. If approved, the non-preferred drug will be covered for the usual copayment.

Review Standard Formulary Preferred Product Program Drug List here.

Review Medical Necessity Prior Authorization Form here.

If you are covered under The American Consolidated Natural Resources Plans, Crimson Oak Grove Resources Plans, or The UMWA International Plan click here for plan specific Preferred Product Program information

If you are unsure about your plan please contact our call center at (800)-291-1425.