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Field Health Programs

How we can help you

The Funds has staff in 12 offices that are located in the coalfields. There are nurses, social workers and In-Field Beneficiary Representatives to help you in many ways.

Our staff offers opportunities for you to receive valuable services. All of these services are free of charge to you.
There may be programs or activities offered by the Funds in your local area. In some areas, a Funds’ staff member may be able to come to your home and connect you with helpful information or services. Our staff may also be able to answer your questions over the phone.

Some examples of programs or activities that may be held in your area are:

  • How to live safely in your home
  • Events to get special shoes if you have diabetes (sugar) or a new Glucometer (the machine you use to check your blood sugar at home)
  • Flu Vaccine Clinics
  • Help if you are feeling sad or blue
  • How to talk with your doctor
  • Helping you find ways to care for your loved one at home when they are not well
  • Arthritis programs to help with pain and stiffness
  • Living Well with Diabetes Programs
  • Talking with a nurse or pharmacist about your medications
  • Meetings that help you understand your health benefits
  • Driver safety courses

Reaching Out to You

The Funds is also spending more time in your neighborhood, making calls and visits to introduce our staff and to help you get the most from your Funds’ benefits. We understand it can sometimes be difficult for you to come to us, which is why we are now reaching out to you. Funds staff may call you on the phone or visit you in your home to get to know you and answer your questions. We can help you better understand:

– Your health condition(s)
– Planning for the future – your Living Will and Medical Power of Attorney
– Transportation services
– Resources in your area
– Your Funds’ benefits

For more information, call the Funds Call Center at 800-291-1425, option 2