January 16, 1980

(Opinion issued in letter form; name and address deleted)

ROD No. 68

This is in reference to your August 30, 1979 Request for Trustee Opinion on whether or not the medical and surgical expenses incurred by your wife beginning on July 10, 1979 were covered by your Employer’s Benefit Plan.

Under Article III E(1)(e) of your Employer’s Benefit Plan, if an Employee is discharged, health and other benefit coverage terminates as of the date last worked.

The information submitted indicates that you were discharged by the Employer on July 5, 1979. Accordingly, under the provision of the Employer’s Benefit Plan, stated in the foregoing, your eligibility for health and other benefit coverage terminated as of that date. In our opinion, the Employer is therefore not responsible for the hospital and medical expenses incurred by your spouse after July 5, 1979.

Harrison Combs, Chairman

John J. O’Connell, Trustee

Paul R. Dean, Trustee