Eligibility - Frequently Asked Questions
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UMWA Health and Retirement Funds

Eligibility - Frequently Asked Questions

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  • When should I submit an application for my pension?

  • If I complete a pension application while I’m still working in the coal industry, will that affect my employment?

  • How long will it take to start receiving my pension checks after I send in the application?

  • If I completed a pension application a long time ago, do I need to complete another one now?

  • When I start receiving my pension, will I also be eligible for health benefits?

  • What if I worked for a Construction Company at the coal mine?

  • What if I return to work in the coal industry after I start my pension?

  • What are the minimum service requirements to receive a pension from the UMWA 1974 Pension Plan?

  • Can I collect Unemployment Compensation while receiving my pension?

  • Can I receive my pension by Direct Deposit to my account?

  • How much will my pension be when I retire?

  • If I die before my pension starts, will my spouse receive benefits?