Health and Medical Benefits
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UMWA Health and Retirement Funds

Health and Medical Benefits

The Funds provides comprehensive medical, prescription drug, and vision care services to its beneficiaries as well as numerous health and wellness programs, such as diabetes management and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) education. Field health staff also conduct outreach to beneficiaries in their homes through visits and telephone calls.

The Funds’ health programs address three principal areas:
  • Accessibility. Maximize beneficiary access to medically necessary, high quality health care.
  • Quality. Provide the highest attainable level of quality health care to all beneficiaries.
  • Cost. Administer a cost-effective program of care coordination and management that conserves resources and uses health care revenues to provide the highest levels of service to beneficiaries.

Click on the links below for Medical and Vision Benefits and Copayment Summary information. The purpose of each summary is to explain some of the benefits provided under the plan in a way that can be understood more easily than the formal language of the plan document. All final eligibility and payment decisions, however, must be made according to the language of the actual plan document, which is the sole controlling document over the plan. To request a copy of the plan document, write to:

The UMWA Health & Retirement Funds

2121 K St. Suite 350

Washington, DC, 20037

You may also call us at: 202-521-2200

    Medical Benefit Summary

    Medical Copayment Summary

    Vision Benefits Summary